Our Board’s

The New America Alliance Institute achieves its fiduciary responsibilities, and programing through oversight by its Board of Directors and execution by staff and volunteers. The NAA Institute Board has the ultimate authority for the actions of the Foundation.

We share a commitment to frank, open dialogue and objective critique of all current and proposed initiatives; we do not believe in group think. The board’s membership is comprised of enthusiastic individuals from diverse backgrounds who have excelled in their careers, and value giving back.

higher opportunities
for Latino, woman and
other minority youths

Board Members

Chairman NAA Institute
Dolores Muñoz

Senior Relationship Manager
Cabrera Capital

Ricardo Bekin

Founder CEO&CIO
Ativo Capital

Danielle Beyer

Chief Operating Officer
L2 Point Management, LLC.

Chairman NAA Inc.
Leon Brujis

Partner Palladium
Equity Partners

Gabriel J. Rodriguez

Co-founder, Managing Partner
Empiric Institutional

Solange F. Brooks

New America
Alliance CEO

Linda Igarashi

General Council
Attorney Sheppard Mullin
Richter & Hampton LLP
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