The New America Alliance has Established and Maintains Partnerships with Some of the World’s Leading Organizations
The Institute’s mission statement, unique NAA membership, donors, intensive learning programs, and commitment to early-stage students have created an environment to benefit the entire ecosystem.

Our deep reach to young high school and college students through our Pathway Fellowship Program captures otherwise missed opportunities to expose a student at an earlier age, while our Gateway Scholarship helps ensure resources are available for deserving diverse students.

Commitment to the Mission

Organizations which engage with the New America Alliance through charitable contributions align with our mission to increase Latino and inclusive representation in finance and corporate America. NAA’s commitment to its Fellows is that we will always advocate on their behalf.

Ally in Early Career Exposure

We do our part to increase the Latino, woman, and other minority candidate participation by exposing students in high school and early college or community college to Finance and Corporate America. Through our programming and paid fellowships, students can complement their drive with industry networking. Partnering with the New America Alliance Pathway Program serves as a conduit for companies to maximize their important diverse hiring initiatives.

Professional and Life Skills Development

Our fellowship provides the students a safe environment to ask questions and learn. Many of our fellows did not grow up in communities or environments where they were surrounded by professionals. Their daily conversations did not revolve around current and topical business events. Our NAA member firms and contributors understand this; many of our NAA member firms were founded or are led by other Latinos who share similar backgrounds and understand that asking the most basic of questions is not indicative of a lack of talent or skill, it simply reflects a lack of exposure. Through the Pathway Fellowship Program, we provide the students with professional and life skills development in an understanding environment and prepare them to then set out on the world on more of a level playing field as their peers.


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