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Inspiring the Next Generation of Investors

34 Fellowships to Date

43% Male
57% Female

47% High School
53% College

100% College Acceptance

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Fellowship Cities to Date

Universities and Colleges:

Texas Tech University, University of California Berkley, University of Illinois, Boston University, Stoney Brook University, University of Wisconsin, Community College of Philadelphia, University of Miami, Suffolk Community College, University of Maryland, Baruch College, Presbyterian College.

Fellowship Cities to Date

High Schools

Young Woman’s Leadership Academy San Antonio, Comp Sci High School Brooklyn, UIC College Prep High School Chicago, Nogales High School, St. Stephens Episcopal School, Mission High School.
  • Austin, TX – 3 Fellowships
  • New York City, – 10 Fellowships
  • Chicago, IL- 6 Fellowships
  • Miami, FL – 2 Fellowships
  • Sacramento, CA – 2 Fellowships
  • Los Angeles, CA – 1 Fellowship
  • Nogales, Arizona – 4 Fellowships
  • Boston, MA – 2 Fellowships
  • San Francisco, CA – 2 Fellowships
  • Philadelphia, PA – 2 Fellowships

Background Statistics

The Latino community has historically faced obstacles to building wealth. Latinos make up an estimated 17% of the United States of America’s population but hold only 2% of its wealth according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The share of total wealth owned by Latino families was lower than their share in the population because average wealth per Latino household was only $108,871, compared to average household wealth of $543,702 among all non-Latino families (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis). Though the Latino population is projected to be more than 20% of the US population by 2025, Latino wealth is still projected to be less than 3%.
According to Axios, Latino professionals have the widest gap between representation in the labor force and executive positions — bigger than that of any other minority group. Latinos account for nearly 18% of the U.S. labor force and own 1 in 7 small businesses, but they occupy just 4% of executive roles and less than 3% of Fortune 1000 company board seats. We believe that increasing Latino participation in Finance is critical to increasing overall Latino household wealth in our great nation. Our focus on exposing young Latino and Latina students to opportunities in finance through relevant fellowships and programming is a bridge to that goal. We focus on the financial industry because that is where we can have a direct impact as many of our members are leaders within their financial services firms.
For participants, the Pathway Program offers students with hands on internship opportunities that they can leverage on their resumes. We offer mentored fellowship opportunities with our NAA member firm and donors as well as programing to groom candidates. Employers seeking next generation of Latino, woman, and other minority candidates to fill internships opportunities as juniors and seniors in college will benefit from selecting from our fellows. Many corporate employers, government agencies, and non-profit agencies seek interns as juniors and seniors in college or graduate school with the intent to offer full-time employment. We strive to be the conduit between Latino and inclusive youth and meaningful internships.
We offer exposure to various investment management asset classes: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Long-only Investment Management and Hedge Funds. Our Pathway Fellows will have access to exclusive programming from NAA member firms and donors with introductory information on their type of investment strategy.

Pathway Fellowship Program

Our goal is to build talent within the diverse community, and we view ourselves as a partner to existing organizations.

Very successful programs have already been built targeting upperclassmen and graduate students.

Our hope is that our program can become a feeder into such established programs. We partner with organizations to seek intern candidates.

Minimum Requirements

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